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Senarai buku yang boleh dipinjam di perpustakaan Dewan Undangan Negeri Pulau Pinang. Sila hubungi En. Rusli di talian 04-2621162 bagi tujuan tempahan dan pinjaman. 

With the collapse of Communism in Central and Eastern Europe, the legitimacy of one-party and often one-person rule in other parts of the world has been fundamentally challenged. For the first time, parliamentary democracy has almost become the universally accepted model to adopt or not to be perfected. In the past decade, nascent democracies have started to build the institutions and capacity necessary to sustain democracy, whilst longer-established democracies continue to refine their democracy, sometimes even introducing whole-scale reforms. With the launch of new democracies and the re-examination of the old, this book is a timely examination of whether the elements of a perfect democracy can be identified and how democratic structures and practices can be improved.


The author was rapporteur at the Wilton Park Conference on the theme summarized in the title. The book is paraphrased report  of the deliberations, together with evaluation and commentary, the chapter headings coinciding with the subjects dealt with: Setting the Scene; The Eroding Sovereignty of Legislators;Enhancing Professionalism through the Work of Parliamentary Associations; Changing the Public Perception; Political Reporting; Ensuring Ethical Standards in Public Life; The Role of Political Parties; The Evolving Civil Service; Direct Democracy; Who do Politicians Really Represent? and a Conclusion assessing the results of the conference as a whole. 


The story of the founding and evolution of the C.P.A. is both fascinating and important. It involved many leading Commonwealth Statesmen and MPs. All shared the vision of an Association which would forge close bonds between the parliamentary democracies of the world. This history records the development and the expanding activities of the CP.A. in the growth of the Commonwealth, a growth to which it has contributed - which it has constantly reflected. Authoritative and illuminated by the author's direct experience, this history is an important contribution to Commonwealth and parliamentary studies. It is one of which scholars and students in these fields will need to refer in the years ahead. But also, written in a lively and lucid style, it is a book which many will read with keen interest and pleasure.


This report, edited by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, assesses how parliamentary committees can enhances democratic governance. The purpose of this enquiry was to assess how Public Accounts Committees (PACs) are working in practice and whether they are fulfilling expectations as important guarantors of good governance. This report tackles issues as capacity building, independence and information exchange.


More and more woman from the Commonwealth countries are now securing jobs in the senior public sectors. With woman increasingly able to access key roles in the shaping of government and legislature, often at an elected level, this book provides a timely study of the progress that has been made by Commonwealth countries, and the practical measures these countries are taking to promote women's right. The author explore what the Commonwealth has done in the new millennium, at governmental levels, to make parliaments more accessible to women. It includes a comprehensive description of women's rights in the Commonwealth's diverse cultural and social groupings. The authors demonstrate why gender equality is an important issue for both sexes and how the Commonwealth can lead the world in finding effective solutions to global issues.


The last two decades of the 20th century have been marked by a resurgence of the traditional values of parliamentary democracy: transparency, accountability, responsibility, participation and pluralism now dominate in debate over ways to achieve good governance. But, if there is broad agreement that democracy, and especially parliamentary democracy, is today's preferred system of government, the debate over the type of government that system should produce is still far from resolved.


Sebahagian besar isi kandungan buku ini membincangkan isu-isu semasa yang banyak menyentuh permasalahan perlembagaan. Antaranya melibatkan isu raja-raja, pengasingan kuasa, hak asasi darurat, fitnah, kehakiman, pilihanraya dan lain-lain. Huraiannya jelas dan mudah. Banyak fakta yang melatari perkembangan Perlembagaan Malaysia sejak dari awal pelaksanaan khususnya yang melibatkan kepada asas-asas dan masalah mutakhir dimuatkan. Penulis berjaya mengupas isi prlembagaan yang kadangkala menjadi begitu kompleks dengan baik yang menampakkan konsep pendemokrasiaan masih wujud di sekitarnya. Bagi pembaca yang ingin mengetahui lebih lanjut perkembangan Perlembagaan Malaysia, buku ini amat sesuai dimiliki dan dibaca. Ia berguna sebagai sumber rujukan.





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